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1830-SHD-D-1-300 Duplex Block A Floor Plans

1830-SHD-D-1-301 Duplex Block A Roof Plan, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-2-300 Duplex Block B Floor Plans

1830-SHD-D-2-301 Duplex Block B Roof Plan, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-3-300 Duplex Block C Floor Plans

1830-SHD-D-3-301 Duplex Block C Roof Plan, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-4-300 Duplex Block D Floor Plans

1830-SHD-D-4-301 Duplex Block D Roof Plan, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-5-300 Duplex Block E Floor Plans

1830-SHD-D-5-301 Duplex Block E Roof Plan, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-6-300 Duplex Block F Floor Plans

1830-SHD-D-6-301 Duplex Block F Roof Plan, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-7-300 Duplex Block G Floor Plans

1830-SHD-D-7-301 Duplex Block G Roof Plan, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-8-300 Duplex Block H Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-9-300 Duplex Block I Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-10-300 Duplex Block J Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-11-300 Duplex Block K Floor Plans

1830-SHD-D-11-301 Duplex Block K Roof Plan, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-12-300 Duplex Block L Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-13-300 Duplex Block M Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-14-300 Duplex Block N Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-15-300 Duplex Block O Floor Plans

1830-SHD-D-15-301 Duplex Block O Roof Plan, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-16-300 Duplex Block P Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-17-300 Duplex Block Q Floor Plans

1830-SHD-D-17-301 Duplex Block Q Roof Plan, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-18-300 Duplex Block R Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-19-300 Duplex Block S Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-20-300 Duplex Block T Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-21-300 Duplex Block U Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-D-22-300 Duplex Block V Floor Plans, Section & Elevations

1830-SHD-S-100 Site Location Plan

1830-SHD-S-101 Site Location Plan Sheet 1 of 3

1830-SHD-S-102 Site Location
Sheet 2 of 3

1830-SHD-S-103 Site Location
Sheet 3 of 3

1830-SHD-S-110 Existing Site Survey Sheet 1 of 4

1830-SHD-S-111 Existing Site Survey Sheet 2 of 4

1830-SHD-S-112 Existing Site Survey Sheet 3 of 4

1830-SHD-S-113 Existing Site Survey Sheet 4 of 4

1830-SHD-S-120 Mooretown Masterplan in Context

1830-SHD-S-121 Proposed Site Layout 1-1000

1830-SHD-S-122 Proposed Site Layout Sheet 1 of 3 1-500

1830-SHD-S-123 Proposed Site Layout Sheet 2 of 3 1-500

1830-SHD-S-124 Proposed Site Layout Sheet 3 of 3 1-500

1830-SHD-S-125 Housing Mix

1830-SHD-S-126 Dwelling Typology

1830-SHD-S-127 Building Heights

1830-SHD-S-128 Density

1830-SHD-S-129 Taking-In-Charge

1830-SHD-S-130 Part V

1830-SHD-S-131 Phasing

1830-SHD-S-132 Car Parking Key

1830-SHD-S-134 Allocation of Open Space in Regional Park

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